Wesco Insurance Company v. Opentext Corporation et al

  1. May 28, 2024

    OpenText Says Excess Insurer Can't Join Merger Spat

    OpenText urged a Michigan federal court to keep an excess insurer out of a coverage dispute stemming from an underlying class action over the software company's merger with Covisint, arguing that the insurer's reasons behind wanting to intervene are speculative and unripe.

  2. April 29, 2024

    Excess Insurer Seeks Inclusion In OpenText Merger Row

    Allied World National Assurance asked a Michigan federal court to allow it to join a coverage dispute against its excess insured OpenText, maintaining that the software company's primary insurer will soon reach its limits on defense costs in the underlying class action over OpenText's merger with Covisint.

  3. April 03, 2024

    OpenText Belongs In Merger Suit Coverage Row, Insurer Says

    OpenText belongs in a dispute over coverage for a class action alleging Covisint's shareholders got a bad deal when it merged with OpenText in 2017, Covisint's insurer toldĀ a Michigan federal judge, arguing OpenText has a vested interest because it may have indemnification obligations if no coverage exists.

  4. February 13, 2024

    OpenText Wants Out Of Class Action Coverage Suit

    OpenText told a Michigan federal court it should be dismissed from an insurer's suit seeking to avoid coverage of a class action from former Covisint shareholders alleging an unfair merger, saying it's not involved in the underlying case and its only alleged connection is that it acquired outstanding Covisint stock.

  5. February 07, 2024

    Insurer's Suit Over Class Action Coverage Early, Covisint Says

    An insurer's lawsuit seeking to dodge coverage for an underlying shareholder class action alleging an unfair merger should be dismissed, former Covisint executives told a Michigan federal court, saying the issue of coverage is not ripe for dispute.