• Roberts Declines To Freeze Virginia Pipeline Construction

    U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts declined Tuesday to pause construction of the controversial Mountain Valley Pipeline, allowing work to continue on the natural gas pipeline while Virginia landowners challenge the constitutionality of land seizures related to the project.

  • 9th Circ. Throws Out Tinder Age Bias Settlement Again

    The Ninth Circuit held Tuesday that a revised $5.2 million settlement between Tinder and users accusing it of age bias still doesn't hold up, ruling that the class representative has a conflict of interest and failed to vigorously litigate on behalf of the proposed class before agreeing to the deal.

  • Ga. Judge Puts Hold On Murder Retrial Of Ex-BigLaw Atty

    The Georgia retrial of a former Fisher Phillips partner accused of murdering his wife was put on hold Tuesday after the Fulton County Superior Court judge overseeing the case said he would not allow prosecutors to allege for the second time that Claud "Tex" McIver intended to kill his wife when he shot her.

  • Trump, SBF Trials Spotlight Nonverbal Signaling, Prof Says

    Recent trials involving Donald Trump and Sam Bankman-Fried — and even the much older O.J. Simpson trial — show clearly that savvy trial lawyers are wielding forms of nonverbal communication that aren't subject to ethics guidelines, an expert on the topic said Tuesday.

  • Jackson Urges High Court To Dispose Of Automatic Vacaturs

    U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson on Tuesday again criticized a procedural mechanism that obligates the justices to vacate lower court opinions and offered up an alternative analysis they could use to decide whether to vacate rulings by the lower courts.

  • DC__Supreme_Court_Building_At_One_First_Street_NE_18960.jpg

    Justices Wary Of Repatriation Tax Review Consequences

    U.S. Supreme Court justices questioned a Washington couple's counsel about their challenge to the one-time repatriation tax during oral arguments Tuesday, with some suggesting that a ruling in the couple's favor would upend other parts of the federal tax code.

  • iStock-1307806588.jpg

    6th Circ. Casts Skeptical Eye On Dykema's Age Bias Win

    The Sixth Circuit seemed likely to revive a former Dykema Gossett PLLC legal secretary's suit claiming she was terminated shortly after turning 50, with judges questioning Tuesday whether it's plausible that the ex-employee's manager was oblivious to age-based comments made about her subordinate.

  • FBI Director In The Hot Seat Over Warrantless Surveillance

    FBI Director Christopher Wray told a U.S. Senate committee on Tuesday that the loss of the targeted foreign warrantless surveillance program would be detrimental to national security, but he faced bipartisan skepticism from lawmakers who are mulling reauthorizing and renewing it. 

  • Fla. Judicial Candidate Can Wear Clothes Displaying Web Info

    A Florida attorney who's campaigning for a judicial position is allowed to wear clothing displaying the website of the attorney's campaign committee with donation and endorsement options, according to a recent ethics opinion.

  • Jones Day SC Clerks.jpg

    Jones Day Recruits 8 More US Supreme Court Clerks

    Jones Day said Tuesday it has recruited eight more former U.S. Supreme Court clerks to its issues and appeals practice, continuing its string of hires from the high court.

  • Senate Confirms O'Melveny Alum As DC District Judge

    The U.S. Senate voted 51-50 on Tuesday to confirm District of Columbia Court of Appeals Judge Loren L. AliKhan to the D.C. District after she took much heat from Republicans during her confirmation hearing. 

  • Calif. Bar Redoubles Bid To Suspend Girardi Son-In-Law

    Days after a California bar judge expressed "concerns" over an attempt to discipline Tom Girardi's son-in-law David Lira amid a federal wire fraud case, and in response to a motion to abate filed by Lira, the state bar has continued to push for his temporary suspension as the criminal case proceeds.

  • lady-justice.jpg

    Married Attys To Face Off Against Judiciary In Their 1st Trial

    A former North Carolina federal public defender is preparing to try her own case accusing the judiciary of bungling an investigation into her sexual harassment claim, capping off a thorny litigation path that left her with only her husband as co-counsel after the abrupt departure of her legal team.

  • Supreme_Court_91391.jpg

    High Court Axes ADA Case But Says Issue Is 'Very Much Alive'

    The U.S. Supreme Court decided Tuesday that Acheson Hotels LLC's Americans with Disabilities Act appeal against a self-appointed "tester" is moot, finding the disabled litigant voluntarily dismissed her suit against the company, though the court said the issue of standing to sue over accessibility information on businesses' websites is "very much alive."

  • Calif. Panel Issues Draft Opinion On Reporting Atty Misconduct

    The California Supreme Court Committee on Judicial Ethics Opinions released a draft opinion Monday intended to help judges decide when to report attorney misconduct to the State Bar of California, laying out a host of hypothetical scenarios and detailing whether reporting is required.

  • Intent Issue Looms As Ex-BigLaw Atty Faces 2nd Murder Trial

    Prosecutors and the defense sparred Monday over whether a former Fisher Phillips partner's appellate win and partial past trial victory bar the state from arguing that his wife's death was an intentional, financially motivated act as jury selection for the upcoming retrial began.

  • Judge Says Attys Misused Emergency Email To Seal Antitrust Docs

    The Illinois federal judge overseeing an antitrust suit accusing elite universities of conspiring to restrict student aid chewed out attorneys involved with the case on Sunday for using the court's emergency inbox to send a "terse" email late Friday night that requested — unconvincingly — part of an unidentified court filing be placed under seal.

  • Senate Confirms First Hispanic Woman To 5th Circ.

    The Senate voted 80-12 on Monday evening to confirm U.S. Magistrate Judge Irma Carrillo Ramirez to the Fifth Circuit, making her the first Hispanic woman on the court.

  • iStock-1332557924.jpg

    Ex-FBI Trainee Cops To Trading On Covington Insider Info

    A former FBI trainee pled guilty in Manhattan federal court Monday to insider trading on a Merck & Co. acquisition after reading about the deal in the files of his then-girlfriend, an associate at Covington & Burling LLP.

  • State Says Goat Theft Decision Won't Break NC Jurisprudence

    A former DLA Piper associate and animal rights activist who was convicted of stealing a baby goat in North Carolina doesn't have the jurisprudence-shattering case he claims he does, the state's justice department told the North Carolina Supreme Court last week.

  • Disbarment Upheld For Atty Who Shot NBA Pro's Ex, Daughter

    An Illinois watchdog panel has reaffirmed the decision to disbar a Chicago attorney who represented the ex-girlfriend of former NBA center Eddy Curry in a child support case, and then later dated her and was convicted of killing both her and Curry's infant daughter.

  • NC Justice Asks 4th Circ. To Halt Diversity Comments Probe

    North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls asked the Fourth Circuit on Monday to stop a judicial watchdog investigation of her comments about diversity on the bench while she appeals a federal judge's previous denial of that request in her First Amendment lawsuit.

  • Ex-Real Estate Atty Avoids Prison In Russia Sanctions Case

    A Manhattan federal judge on Monday allowed a longtime real estate attorney who facilitated tax and insurance payments for a sanctioned Russian oligarch to avoid prison, citing his advanced age and limited involvement in the lawbreaking.

  • Susan K. DeClercq.png

    New Mich. Judge 'Unflappable' In Face Of Crisis

    Susan K. DeClercq is hitting the books as she prepares to hear her first case next month. Former colleagues say the new addition to the Michigan federal bench is levelheaded and a proven leader.

  • oconnor.jpg

    Justices Call O'Connor 'American Hero,' 'Perfect Trailblazer'

    Following news of retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's death at the age of 93, current and former high court justices paid public homage to her trailblazing career, devotion to the rule of law and illuminating charisma.

Expert Analysis

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can I Help Associates Turn Down Work? Author Photo

    Marina Portnova at Lowenstein Sandler discusses what partners can do to aid their associates in setting work-life boundaries, especially around after-hours assignment availability.

  • How AI Legal Research Tools Are Shifting Law Firm Processes Author Photo

    Although artificial intelligence-powered legal research is ushering in a new era of legal practice that augments human expertise with data-driven insights, it is not without challenges involving privacy, ethics and more, so legal professionals should take steps to ensure AI becomes a reliable partner rather than a source of disruption, says Marly Broudie at SocialEyes Communications.

  • Data Source Proliferation Is A Growing E-Discovery Challenge Author Photo

    With the increased usage of collaboration apps and generative artificial intelligence solutions, it's not only important for e-discovery teams to be able to account for hundreds of existing data types today, but they should also be able to add support for new data types quickly — even on the fly if needed, says Oliver Silva at Casepoint.

  • Bracing For A Generative AI Revolution In Law Author Photo

    With many legal professionals starting to explore practical uses of generative artificial intelligence in areas such as research, discovery and legal document development, the fundamental principle of human oversight cannot be underscored enough for it to be successful, say Ty Dedmon at Bradley Arant and Paige Hunt at Lighthouse.

  • Why I Use ChatGPT To Tell Me Things I Already Know Author Photo

    The legal profession is among the most hesitant to adopt ChatGPT because of its proclivity to provide false information as if it were true, but in a wide variety of situations, lawyers can still be aided by information that is only in the right ballpark, says Robert Plotkin at Blueshift IP.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can I Use Social Media Responsibly? Author Photo

    Leah Kelman at Herrick Feinstein discusses the importance of reasoned judgment and thoughtful process when it comes to newly admitted attorneys' social media use.

  • Yada, Yada, Yada: The Magic Of 3 In Legal Writing Author Photo

    Attorneys should take a cue from U.S. Supreme Court justices and boil their arguments down to three points in their legal briefs and oral advocacy, as the number three is significant in the way we process information, says Diana Simon at University of Arizona.

  • How Firms Can Stop Playing Whack-A-Mole With Data Security Author Photo

    In order to achieve a robust client data protection posture, law firms should focus on adopting a risk-based approach to security, which can be done by assessing gaps, using that data to gain leadership buy-in for the needed changes, and adopting a dynamic and layered approach, says John Smith at Conversant Group.

  • 5 Life Lessons From Making Partner As A Solo Parent Author Photo

    Laranda Walker at Susman Godfrey, who was raising two small children and working her way to partner when she suddenly lost her husband, shares what fighting to keep her career on track taught her about accepting help, balancing work and family, and discovering new reserves of inner strength.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can I Turn Deferral To My Advantage? Author Photo

    Diana Leiden at Winston & Strawn discusses how first-year associates whose law firm start dates have been deferred can use the downtime to hone their skills, help their communities, and focus on returning to BigLaw with valuable contacts and out-of-the-box insights.

  • Resume Gaps Are No Longer Kryptonite To Your Legal Career Author Photo

    Female attorneys and others who pause their careers for a few years will find that gaps in work history are increasingly acceptable among legal employers, meaning with some networking, retraining and a few other strategies, lawyers can successfully reenter the workforce, says Jill Backer at Ave Maria School of Law.

  • Law Firm Guardrails For Responsible Generative AI Use Author Photo

    ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence tools pose significant risks to the integrity of legal work, but the key for law firms is not to ban these tools, but to implement them responsibly and with appropriate safeguards, say Natalie Pierce and Stephanie Goutos at Gunderson Dettmer.

  • Opinion

    We Must Continue DEI Efforts Despite High Court Headwinds Author Photo

    Though the U.S. Supreme Court recently struck down affirmative action in higher education, law firms and their clients must keep up the legal industry’s recent momentum advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the profession in order to help achieve a just and prosperous society for all, says Angela Winfield at the Law School Admission Council.

  • Law Firms Cannot Ignore Attorneys' Personal Cybersecurity Author Photo

    Law firms that fail to consider their attorneys' online habits away from work are not using their best efforts to protect client information and are simplifying the job of plaintiffs attorneys in the case of a breach, say Mark Hurley and Carmine Cicalese at Digital Privacy and Protection.

  • Why Writing CLE Should Be Mandatory For Lawyers Author Photo

    Though effective writing is foundational to law, no state requires attorneys to take continuing legal education in this skill — something that must change if today's attorneys are to have the communication abilities they need to fulfill their professional and ethical duties to their clients, colleagues and courts, says Diana Simon at the University of Arizona.



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